What is Mindfulness? And How Can I Practice It?

Updated: May 22, 2021

Mindfulness is about being curious and accepting, not judging. It is about being in this present moment and feeling good.

I have recently completed a course on mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance. I wanted to participate in this for several reasons but mainly to share insights and encourage healing and wellbeing in others.

So let's begin...

Our lives are so busy, we lack time for ourselves and even each other. Our minds are full, there is no room for anything but stress and anxiety to thrive making us feel tense, miserable, tired and alone.

It's important we free our minds from the overload. But how?

Here are four helpful practices that'll help you become more mindful:


Quieten your mind, breathe deeply in and out even if it's just for two minutes.


Be in the present, do one thing at a time.


Give yourself time, you have permission for your mind to wander, just bring it back gently.


You can do this.

Try tapping into yourself and take notice of how you feel. Over time managing your emotions can help transform your relationship with stress. Staying in the present moment can help you develop better listening skills and you can learn to look at things from an empowering perspective rather than a negative one. If you're struggling during your mindfulness practice, try these four cognitive practices:


  • Try not to build up things that aren't so

  • Reduce reacting to stress

  • Only see what is - be present in the moment/situation

  • Don't make a mountain out of a molehill

Letting Go

  • Attache to thoughts and feelings? Try writing them down this releases them from your mind

  • You will become happier by letting go, scream, shout, cry just let it all out

  • Mindfulness meditation helps clear your mind and detaches it from dramas


  • This doesn't mean you condone a difficult situation just recognise, accept and release it

  • Learn from it, move on from it

  • Go with the flow don't fit against it, let emotions pass

Presence Of Mind

  • Be in the now, notice how you feel and bring your attention back to the present moment

  • Change your thoughts from 'what if' to 'what is'

  • Breathe deeply, remain calm and don't let things consume you, just focus, smell, touch something notice how you feel

Mindful eating can also help you as food is medicine. Take the time to enjoy and appreciate it. Tune into your body and your stomach. Ask yourself are you actually hungry or not?

All of the above will help you feel good from within.

Remember to always be kind and gentle with yourself. Remain present with your mind and don't let nerves or anxiety take over.

Sit, balance, breathe, focus and notice how you feel. Watch and feel your ebb and flow.

Sending you all miracles, love, healing and so much light.

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