What Is The Butterfly Effect?

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Just like the butterfly you can transform yourself with a little self-belief and positive thinking.

You can and will emerge from hardships, and become brighter than before.

Don't spend too much time looking backwards, instead spend your time looking forward. Seek and embrace beauty and joy. You'll soon find and believe that the more you see the more you will receive. You will align with the fantastic expanding rhythm of this universe.

Over time you will learn that appreciation is the secret to life, and you will appreciate all of life's blessings, however small.

We must learn to honour our mind, body and soul. Releasing anything that weighs you down. There is so much power and importance in healing and letting go.

Feel the freedom that light brings you and transformation will occur!

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I have learnt to never ever give up! Keep going no matter how hard things seem to be, as suddenly you will see the light and all becomes clear.

Sending you all lots of love and light, and angel blessings,

The Pink Rose

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