How To Open Your Third Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Are you ready to take a look into another world? It’s truly magical!

What is your third eye?

Your third eye is your spiritual sense. Many describe your third eye as another eye, an eye in the centre of your forehead, a gateway to the spirit world.

How amazing is that! The best part is that we ALL have it!

How to open your third eye

1. Close your eyes

2. Breathe slowly, in and out

3. Imagine your third eye big and bold

4. Now try and open it wide

5. Take in what you see - make some notes, write anything and everything down that you see.

This gateway will open more and more as you continue to practice opening your third eye.

How I discovered my third eye

I first discovered this spiritual tool many years ago during a meditation group. Over a course of many weeks, I learnt to quieten my mind and open my spiritual senses. I was very shy and nervous and I hadn’t got much self-confidence. But as the weeks went by I grew stronger and was able to practise meditations enabling me to open my third eye.

We had to speak and tell, say what we saw. I felt silly but followed suit, I described exactly what I saw! Or whom I saw! Much to my amazement, it was actually somebodies relative that had passed. I then realised the magical powers of my third eye.

Never doubt yourself, however silly you feel, always speak and tell. As this magical moment could just brighten up someone’s day! It's such a wonderful gift - I am truly grateful.

Crystals that can help open your third eye

Chevron Amethyst

Lapis Lazuli

Purple Florite

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