How to Be Kind to Yourself

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Believe me, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Even small things like eating can make you feel guilt, sad, unworthy, self-loathing and ashamed. Isn’t it silly food can make you feel that way!

All of these emotions can be linked to some kind of trauma, albeit deep-buried emotional stress, so it’s not just about eating!

It’s about self-love and self-worth.

After past traumas, emotional hurts and/or mental abuse we have to learn to love and have an inner knowing that we are worthy and deserving.

We should stop starving our souls and enjoy who we are.

Self-forgiveness is a wonderful tool.

It is hard to accept, once achieved you can soar like never before.

Episodes in life happen in which we can not always control, if we learn to turn the negatives into positives we can succeed.

Let’s start feeding our souls and not deprive them anymore!

Try this:

Write a list of instances in your life that made you feel starved/deprived/sad.

Write the following next to each one:

I forgive myself

I am worthy

I am deserving

I will be kind to ME

Honestly, it will free you! You will feel much lighter, happier and at peace with yourself.

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