What Crystals Should You Not Put In Water?











These are all crystals that you should not put in water. Do you spot the theme? Generally, any crystal ending in 'ite' should not get wet.

* Please note that this isn't an extensive list of the crystals that shouldn't be put in water. This is just a small selection featuring crystals that we think our customers are likely to own.

Other crystals that you should not put in water include opal, pearls and turquoise. Water can damage these precious ones.

What can happen when you get a crystal wet that is not water friendly?

I had an experience with my Himalayan Salt T-light holder. I had it sat on the window ledge in my kitchen - just above my oven. One day I was cooking something in my wok. I then glanced at the t-light holder and thought "Oh No!". Unfortunately, the steam from cooking had started to dissolve the Himalayan Salt which meant there was a little puddle of water around it. Luckily, I was able to rescue it by drying it out and never returning it to that location again.

What Crystals Should You Not Put In Water? | The Pink Rose Healing

I hope that this blog can help you avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

Love, Lea @ thepinkrose.co.uk

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